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Parent Involvement Policies

Title I Parent Involvement Policy

The core belief that parents are our partners is the foundation for the District’s overarching policy on parent engagement and is reinforced through its Title I Parent Involvement Policy and school-level parent involvement policies.  For further information on LAUSD's Title I Parent Involvement Policy, please click here.

Chatsworth Park's Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Chatsworth Park School welcomes parental involvement because we view parents as an equal partner in helping our students achieve academic achievement.  In order to meet our goal of student achievement the Chatsworth Park Parental Policy the following guidelines:

  • It must be developed jointly with parents on an annual basis.
  • It must be available to the community and distributed to parents of participating students.
  • It is written in a language that parents understand. 
  • It must be annually updated.

A.  Policy Involvement-Chatsworth Park supports parent collaboration in order to foster student success.  Chatsworth Park School shall:

  • Hold an annual Title I meeting which all the parents of participating students shall be invited and at a time convenient to most so as to encourage increased attendance.
  • Provide a flexible number of meetings, at various times of the day and if needed
  • Ensure that parents will annually be involved in the planning, reviewing, and improvement of the Parental Involvement Policy, Single Plan and Parent-School Compact.
  • Provide parents in a timely manner with the opportunity to review and discuss the curriculum, annual and periodic assessments, student proficiently levels and expectations strategies the school is implementing in order to improve achievement.
  • Provide parents with the opportunity to participate in decisions relating to their children’s education and allow them to submit comments on the plan, which will be submitted to the District office.

B.  Shared Responsibilities for High Student Academic Achievement-Chatsworth Park shall develop jointly with parents a Parent-School-Compact for all students that outline how the school staff, parents and students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement.

  • Chatsworth Park will provide a high quality curriculum and instructional program for all students through teacher collaboration within and across grade levels during grade level meetings in which classroom instruction is aligned to State standards, professional development is provided and student enrichment opportunities and activities are discussed and provided.
  • A supportive and effective learning environment will be articulated at grade level, faculty, leadership, and parent meetings.
  • The compact will explicitly state responsibilities of parents, such as, providing a learning environment at home and monitoring their child’s school attendance, homework completion and television watching.
  • The student’s responsibilities will include the following: school rules, arriving on time to school, completing homework and having all necessary materials ready to work, proper behavior, self reflection which will impact their success in their own academic achievement.
  • Communication between teachers, parents, and students will occur through a monthly letter, the school’s web site and the outside marquee.
  • Two parent teacher conferences will be held, one in November and one in March to discuss the compact and student progress in meeting the various State standards and English Language development standards (as applicable), and what parents can do at home to provide continued support.
  • Frequent reports will be given to parents on their child’s progress, such as, progress reports, the district interim assessments in English Language Arts, Math, and teacher classroom assessments.
  • Chatsworth Park will provide parents with reasonable access to staff, classroom observations and volunteer opportunities by allowing parents ample opportunities to visit their child’s school, observe classrooms with office approval, and talk with teachers and school staff in order to make informed decisions about their child’s education.  Volunteer opportunities for parent will be coordinated with the Parent center and with the help of our Parent Center Representative, which includes current volunteer paperwork (TB clearance).
  • The School Parent Compact will be discussed and how it relates to students achievement and will be signed by the teacher, students and parents at Back to School Night.

C.  Building  Capacity for Involvement-In order to ensure the effective involvement of parents and create a supportive partnership among the school, parent and community, Chatsworth Park will:

  • Provide monthly parent workshops in math and/or literacy in order to enable them to fully participate in their children’s education.
  • We will provide detailed explanations of the state standards, local and state assessments.
  • Educate its staff on how to reach out to communicate and work with parents as equal partners.
  • Provide support for parent activities upon request and coordinate all activities that involve parents through the parent center.  By conducting activities and school events through the parent center, parents will be encouraged and supported in participating in the education of their children.
  • Ensure that all information regarding school meetings, activities and reports is distributed to parents in a language and/or format that parents can understand.
  • Provide support for parental involvement activities, at parent request, through surveys and needs assessment

D.  Accessibility-Chatsworth Park shall:

  • Provide the opportunities necessary for the full participation of Limited English proficient parents, parents with disabilities and parents of migratory children.
  • Provide all information and school reports in a format and/or in a language that can be understood by the parents.